Who we are


We are a union of Zimbabwean educators practising our teaching trade in Western Cape, South Africa. We aim to cultivate a culture of professional behaviour and excellent, exemplary, impactful teaching among our members. We formed this union so that we can help Zimbabwean educators in Western Cape to get fair employment conditions including being remunerated by both the WCED and School Governing Bodies (SGBs) at the same rate, on time, as our South African counterparts. We recognise the unqualified significant role Zimbabwean educators have made in schools across the province which has led to the stabilisation of some subject departments and the concomitant increase in pass rates in summative examinations at the schools, colleges and universities where Zimbabwean teachers are employed.


We aim to continue making our contributions to the South African economy through paying tax and coaching students in our care so that they pass national examinations. We represent Zimbabwean educators and lecturers registered with both our union and SACE. We engage the RSA government on behalf of our members on issues of, inter alia, work permits, salaries, fair working conditions, recruitment and selection as well as training. As Zimbabwean educators, we also assist in the mentoring of student-teachers and the marking of national examinations.






What are the benefits of joining UZEWC?
There is strength in numbers. The union will come to your help when you are unfairly treated at work; it will engage your employer - WCED or SGB - and ensure that you are treated fairly. Our database of Zimbabwean teachers may be used by prospective employers who may be looking for classroom practitioners. UZEWC meetings and social media outlets are opportunities to network, share teaching experiences and discussion work permit issues. Our vision is to have our members securing permanent employment and also advancing themselves professionally through CPD.


How do I register with UZEWC?
One has to be a trained, employed or unemployed Zimbabwean teacher domiciled in the Western Cape. Go to our Membership page, download the membership form, and follow the instructions found on it. You will be required to pay a once-off R100 joining fee when your completed membership form has been processed. Banking details will be emailed to you.


Is UZEWC an employment agency?
No. We simply indicate to our members available teaching vacancies; the onus is theirs to apply and, hopefully, secure the posts. We give job-hunting and interview skills for free.


How can I help?
Contact UZEWC chairperson or secretary at info@uzewc.co.za






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